What is whitewater canoeing?

Whitewater canoeing is the sport of paddling a canoe on a moving body of water, typically a whitewater river. Whitewater canoeing can range from simple, carefree gently moving water, to demanding, dangerous whitewater. River rapids are graded like ski runs according to the difficulty, danger or severity of the rapid.” more info

White water canoeing is recommended for those who have prior rafting experience, and see for an extra shot of adrenalin. This sport requires much more self-responsibility as your guide is sitting in another boat or canoe making your journey safe and sound. The canoes are for 2-3 persons for this tour.


Allow: 1,5-2 h on the river +transfer

Length: 5-7 km

Difficulty: difficult (WW II-IV)

Minimum age: 14 years

Price: 50 €/person


Allow: 1,5-2 h on the river +transfer

Length: 5-6 km

Difficulty: very difficult (WW III-IV+)

Minimum age: 16 years

Price: 68 €/person

  • Provided equipment

    inflatable canoe, raft paddle, neoprene wetsuit, neoprene shoes, helmet, buoyancy aid

  • Equipment what is required

    bathing suit, towel (optional: NOT cotton lycra&thermals), in case of cold weather: cap and warm clothes

  • Meeting point

  • Departures

    9 am and 2 pm

  • Number of participants

    between 1st of July and 10th of September: minimum 2 person;
    other period of the season: minimum 6 person

  • How the trip goes

    Introduction and get equipped
    Transport to the starting point
    Changing and briefing
    Whitewater canoeing on Soca river
    Transport back

  • Safety

    Safety is the most important on every trip. Our guides are professional, and licenced regionally and internationally as well. During the trip your guides are leading the group from thier kayaks or an other canu. One of them is always going in the front showing the safest line what you must take. They will help you to find your way back to it if you would miss it or you get in trouble. The whole team is sticking together. For safety reasons you must pay attention and follow your guides instructions.

Classic tour

The sections are the same as the rafting. We start with teaching the paddle and steering techniques; first in theory, then in practice. Then we go down following our tour guides way. We rest more often and for longer times as this type of sport requires more concentration and endurance than sitting in the same rafting boat with our guides.

We spend 1.5-2 hours on the river, the whole program is 3-4 hours from base to base.


Extreme tour

The prerequisite of this tour is participation in the classic white water canoeing tour. The extreme tour (WW III-IV+) takes place either on Soca river near Kobarid or on the Koritnica river. As this is the most challenging tour, the boats are navigated by our tour guides.

We spend 2 hours on water, the whole tour is 3.5-4.5 hours.