What is rafting?

Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, and generally represents a new and challenging environment for participants. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience.” more info

We provide rafting equipment, professional guides and on-river apparel. The 6-8 person boats are navigated by our professional tour guides, but since rafting is a team sport, everyone on board will have an important role while travelling through the beautiful reaches of the Soca river.


Allow: 1,5-2 h on the river +transfer

Length: 6-7 km

Difficulty: moderately difficult (WW II-IV)

Minimum age: 8 years

Price: 48 €/person

All day

Allow: 5-6 h on the river +transfer

Length: 18-22 km

Difficulty: difficult (WW I-IV)

Minimum age: 12 years

Price: 72 €/person


Allow: 1,5 h on the river +transfer

Length: 5-6 km

Difficulty: easy (WW I-II)

Minimum age: 4 years

Price: 48 €/person

Classic tour

Two sections are available for touring on the Soca river.

The upper section passes through one of the most beautiful national parks of Slovenia; so besides your white water rafting journey, you will enjoy the spectacular scenery as well.

The lower section is for the thrill seekers, where you can experience here the steepness of the river. There’s plenty of white water action, but also time to sit back, relax and sunbath. If you are up to some more challenges, weather permitting, you could jump from cliffs (2-6 meter) into the refreshing water – our expert guides will be there to explain the tricks.

The length of this section is 6-7 km.

Allow 3-3,5 hours base to base – with 1.5 hours spent on the river.


Combining the two sections of the classic rafting tour makes up an all-day river adventure, with action-packed WW II-III rapids.

This truly exclusive white water rafting experience is only available until the end of June or after heavier rainfalls. Be prepared for the crashing waves that Soca river produces – for this rafting adventure you would need a reasonable level of fitness.

Between the two parts there is time to take snacks while enjoying the superb scenery.

The length of the combined parts is 20-22 km. Allow 7-8 hours base to base – with 5-6 hours spent on the river.

Family rafting

Depending on the water level the Cezsoca-Srpenica WW I-II actions are ideal for those looking for a more relaxed rafting experience and groups of mixed ability and ages.

It is all about having fun and enjoy the spectacular scenery – the perfect option for families with younger children (4-10 year old), or for senior citizens. At this part of the river rapids are calmer, so this is a great safe way to experience the thrill of rafting. There is also the opportunity for the younger ones to learn rafting in a playful way. To complete the adventure, you can build “boat-slides” at the end of the tour.

Allow base to base 2.5-3 hours – with 1.5 hours spent on the river.

  • Provided equipment

    raft, raft paddle, neoprene wetsuit, neoprene shoes, helmet, buoyancy aid

  • Equipment what is required

    bathing suit, towel (optional: NOT cotton lycra&thermals), in case of cold weather: cap and warm clothes

  • Meeting point

  • Departures

    9 am and 2 pm

  • Number of participants

    between 1st of July and 10th of September: minimum 2 person;
    other period of the season: minimum 6 person

  • How the trip goes

    Introduction and get equipped
    Transport to the starting point (about 10 minutes)
    Changing and briefing
    Rafting on Soca river
    Transport back (about 20 minutes)

  • Safety

    Safety is the most important on every trip. Our guides are professionals, and licenced regionally and internationally as well. At rafting each raft is guided by a professinal guide. On the trip the rafts are following each other. We set up safty at those places where it is required. For safety reasons you must pay attention and follow your guides instructions.

Srpenica I - Trnovo tour

Our most popular tour starts near the village of Srpenica. The tour is divided into two parts; the first part is easier, with WW I-II rapids. You can learn a few paddling techniques here to gain confidence and skills, and enjoy the pristine Soca river. Upon approaching the second section, there is the opportunity to stop by the ‘Penguin’ cliffs, build a slide from the boats, and slide down on the “boat-slide” into the refreshing crystal clear water.

After that you’ll head towards the exhilarating WW II–III rapids of the lower section, where it is possible to experience the pure excitement of whitewater rafting. Right before the end the tour stops by the ‘Manhattan’ cliffs where the bravest participants can jump from a 6.5 meter cliff (with our expert guides watching). This section of the river is used for rafting throughout the year, except after flooding due to heavy raining.

The length of this section is 6 km.

Allow 3-4 hours base to base – with 1.5 hours spent on the river.

Stonejungle tour (Bunkerij-Čezsoča)

This tour takes place on the upper parts of Soca river, with WW II-III actions. The beginning is called ‘Bunkerij’ by the locals. Depending on the water level, the tour starts either at the bottom of ‘Stonejungle’ or at the top of it. After passing the ‘Fifty-fifty’ cliffs you’ll paddle over peaceful waters at first, just to be challenged by the a rapid called ‘Splash’ right after.

When reaching the spectacular ‘Golobar’ canyon you’ll get off the boats and take a walk through the canyon. After passing the ‘Magnet’ cliff the tour ends at Cezsoca, where the Koritnica river joins Soca river. The tour is the most enjoyable after copious rainfalls.

The length of this section is approx. 7 km.

Allow 3-4 hours base to base – with 1.5-2 hours spent on the river.