Our base is just a few minutes walk away from the center of Bovec, right next to the bar and sports center ‘Black Sheep’ (Crna Ovca). Here you can drink a coffe before, or take some refreshments after the tour. For those of you who are still in a mood for excercise after the tour, there are also tennis and beach volleyball courts, and wall climbing facilities.

The sport center is suitable for families too, as there is a playground where kids can play, while parents can enjoy the spectacular view of the 2000 m high surrounding mountains – along with some fine beverages.

Soča Valley (Isonzo valley)


The town of Bovec is located in the tri-lateral Austrian-Italian-Slovenian cross-border region, just 30 km away from the border triangle. The settlement lies in the Bovec Basin of the upper Soča (Isonzo) River, below the eastern slopes of Mount Kanin in the Julian Alps. You might recall the Battles of the Isonzo from history lessons, which were a series of battles between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies in World War I. See more:

The town is ideally situated, so that almost all extreme sports lovers can find everything they need within a 10-15-minute drive.

For those of you who are looking for a more relaxing experience, like taking a nice walk followed by an Italian-style coffee or lunch in one of the cafés and restaurants, there is also plenty to explore in this town.