Why Bovec?

Among all the European white water centers, Bovec has one of the best locations, because almost all the activities can be reached within 15 minutes driving, so you don’t have to drive hours between base and boarding. The town fulfills all kinds of needs (camping, hostels, apartments, 4 star hotels). The accommodations, restaurants, and markets have very reasonable prices, compared to other European places.

What are the risks of the activities?

Extreme sports always have some risk. For popular trips we obviously choose those sections that have the least possible risk, and if you follow carefully your guide’s instructions, the trip can be completed safely.

Why do I have to sign the waiver?

The waiver is obliging both parties. It is a very important document for both parties in case of any misunderstanding.

What is the minimum age of rafting?

The minimum age for family rafting is 5 years, and it is 10 for the other rafting trips. Parental permission is required!

Is it possible the get the paid amount recovered in case of cancellation?

In almost all cases we are flexible to move the booking on other dates, when the trips are available.

If the rebooking is not possible we are able to recover the paid amount according to the following form:

We are able to recover the entire paid amount more than 21 days before your arriving.

We are able to recover 50 % of the paid amount more than 15 days before your arriving.

Unfortunately we are not able to recover the paid amount less than 8 days before your arriving.

If I cancell less than 8 days before arriving do I lose the paid amount?

In almost all cases we are flexible to move the booking on other dates, when the trips are available.

If we are less than 6 can we attand any activity?

Between July 1st and September 15th the minimum participant on the trip are 2 persons.

Other time of the year we can offer you different dates when it is possible to join other groups.

Can I attend the trips if I'm alone?

If you are alone you can join other groups. Contact us for dates.

What should I bring to Bovec and for the trips?

Bovec is in the Alps so even in summer time it is possible that the weather gets cold and rainy. It is highly recommended to pack shoes, raining coat and warm clothes.

For the trips you need to bring, swimming suit, towel and if you have you can have some base layer what is not made from cotton.


How cold is the water? How deep is the water? May I drink it?

The water temperature can be 8-12 °C , depending on the weather conditions.

The depth of the water is changing all the time (from a few cm to 8m).

The water is drinkable, if there wasn’t any rain for 2 to 3 days before the trip. However, drinking from the river in large quantities is not recommended.

How fast are we going to go? (rafting)

Depending on the water level and the steepness, between 15-30 km/h.

How much do I have to paddle on the rafting trip?

Rafting is a team sport, so therefore everyone has an important role in the raft to succeed the trip smoothly. Of course we are not paddling all the time. We make breaks on the trips to save power.

What is forbidden to wear on the trip?

Jewelries and other accessories can be dangerous.

May I bring beer or shots to the trip?

Of course – after the trip! It is forbidden to drink before or during the trip, but it can be really refreshing to have a shot after the journey.