What is whitewater kayaking?

Whitewater kayaking is the sport of paddling a kayak on a moving body of water, typically a whitewater river. Whitewater kayaking can range from active, moving water, to demanding, extreme whitewater.” more info

Whitewater kayak is one of the most popular white water sport all around the globe because, contrary to rafting, in the kayak one is much closer to the river and can have more control over the situation. In other words we are responsible for our experience.

The Soca river is especially suitable for white water kayakers. Both beginners and professionals can find themselves sections for practice thier skills. We offer schools from one to seven days long.

Kayak trip

Allow: 1,5-2 h on the river +transfer

Length: 4-5 km

Difficulty: moderately difficult (WW I-II)

Minimum age: 12 years

Price: 58 €/person

Kayak school

Allow: 2-2,5 h on the river +transfer

Length: 2-4 km

Difficulty: depends

Minimum age: 12 years

Price: 70 €/person

  • Provided equipment

    kayak, kayak paddle, neoprene wetsuit, neoprene shoes, helmet, buoyancy aid

  • Equipment what is required

    bathing suit, towel (optional: NOT cotton lycra&thermals), in case of cold weather: cap and warm clothes

  • Meeting point

    At our base, at CernaOvca Bar and Sport Center

  • Departures

    9 am and 2 pm

  • Number of participants

    between 1st of July and 10th of September: minimum 2 person;
    other period of the season: minimum 6 person

  • How the trip goes

    Introduction and get equipped
    Transport to the starting point
    Changing and briefing
    Whitewater kayaking on Soca river
    Transport back

  • Safety

    Safety is the most important on every trip. Our guides are professional, and licenced regionally and internationally as well. For the trip we pick the section which is appropriate for the candidates’ knowledge and skills. It is different for each trip. During the trip your guides are leading the group from thier kayaks. One of them is always going in the front showing the safest line what you must take, they will help you to find your way back to it if you would miss it or you get in trouble. The whole team is sticking together. For safety reasons you must pay attention and follow your guides instructions.

Kayak trip

Kayak tour is recommended for those who would like to try this sport out for the first time. The boat we use is a so called “sit on top” kayak that is similar to the type of kayak used by professional whitewater kayakers, but this kind of boat is more stable thus safer as well. In case one falls into the water it is easier to climb back into this kind of boat.

After a short safety briefing paddling techniques will be explained and demonstrated. Next we warm up a little bit and to put theory into practice we experiment with the before mentioned paddling techniques to be safe on our journey down the river.

Depending on water level and river section we spend 1-1.5 hours on the water.

This time provides a wonderful opportunity to learn how to surf in waves, pick up basic paddling techniques and to enjoy the scenery at the same time. At the end we usually jump into the river to refresh ourselves.

Kayak school

Kayak school is recomended for the enthusiastic sport lovers who would like to do kayaking in an advanced level and are thinking in long term. You can refresh your kayaking skills or learn special tricks with us!

Thanks to the diversity of Soca river from beginners to professionals everyone would find the right spot to train. After 4-5 days of intensive training most participants are ready to take the challenges of the WW III actions.